Some time during 2003 Churchie and Pete were discussing their early years and fondly remembering time spent mis-behaving in cars. Stories about cars we'd owned and the stupid things we'd done in them led to a long, beer fuelled discussion about cars we'd like to drive.

Inevitably the Ford AC Cobra came up as a vehicle that we'd both love to drive. The discussion lead us to realise that we both harboured a desire to own a Ford AC Cobra replica. Pete admitted that he'd driven one once in his late teens, at Moylan Silos in Western Australia (at Kellerberrin) and the memory of that experience was still vivid.

One thing led to another and Pete and Churchie agreed that we wanted to build one and that doing it together would be an excellent passtime for two good mates (and a good excuse to drink the odd sparkling brown cabernet, tell stories and generally mis-behave).

So we set about researching Cobra's. The process of evaluating manufacturers was long and thorough and involved visiting a number of them and speaking to just about all of the Australian manufacturers of Cobra Replica Kits.

Eventually we settled on the ID 427 from Classis Revival at Hornsby in NSW. It seemed the best performance vehicle in our budget, and Ian Denner (who owns and runs Classic Revival) seemed a competant fellow who clearly has a passion for all things Cobra. We also canvassed the opinions of members of the NSW Cobra club, and as many other people as we could find with direct experience.

On or about December 12th 2004, we placed the order for our Cobra Body and Chassis and set about sourcing components and planning for the arrival of Kevin (the Cobra).

So these pages are meant to be a record of the journey, a place to file some photos and a way to explain to those who don't understand the Cobra, just what it's all about. These pages will evolve sporadically, and rarely, and they'll occassionally host a true Gem - like a photo of Pete's wife Monique sitting on the chassis in an Akubra drinking a beer !

Anyway - enough of this, I'm off the the shed !