1. Disassembly of the Jag front end, and Ford rear end (prior to chassis arrival) May 2005

2. Chassis delivery and removal of body from chassis.(5 June 2005)

3. Installation of diff and rear upper and lower control arms.(3 July 2005)

4. Installation of front upper control arms front axle carriers.(3 July 2005)

5. Shortening of Steering Rack, and Installation.
(It just happened to be Indy Car weekend - October 23rd 2005 - Note the magic fridge has grown a TV. Also note the fantastic Ariel (metal racking). Also note TV had only one channel tuned in - Network 10 :-)

6. Installation of rear half shafts, hubs and disks and rear Shock absorbers and Springs.

7. Kevin(the Cobra) touches down (November 2005)!

8. Arrival of the Donk and Gearbox ! (April 2006)