The NSW Cobra car Club

Classic Revival (the manufacturers of the ID 427)

Club Cobra online forum.
A great source for handy hints, useful tips and the online home for a bunch of somewhat mad Australian Cobra enthusiasts.

The history of the Ford AC Cobra

Links to pictures of genuine original Cobras.

Carol Shelby's official website
shelby cars official site

The history of the AC Car
The AC car company web site.

A short summary of the History of the real CSX2186 - one of 6 Le Mans Cobra
(And a link to the PDF of the same story in case the above is taken down !)

Jay Leno's Cobra - watch the video - it's brilliant.

Shelby American Automobile Club - holders and maintainers of the "official register of Cobras"
These guys try to keep track of the original Cobra's GT-40s and Shelby mustangs.