The First Drive !
On October 2nd 2008, Kevin the Cobra was driven in anger for the first time. Our Cobra did it's first lap at race pace at Wakefield Park as part of track day.

After three years building the car it was an incredibly satifying experience to go around at wakefield and drive our Cobra at speed.
There are few things like it. Hard acceleration, nimble corning, excellent grip and awesome stopping power. Not to mention the sound of the sidepipes opening up at 6000+ rpm for the first time ! We spent the following three days at the Cobra Nationals and competed in the sprints, hill climb and go to whoa. (Although the latter two were called off due to bad weather.)

Talk about fun. We can barely get the smiles off our faces.

Kevin The Cobra performed brilliantly and we had no mechanical poblems. We learned a lot about the vehicle over the last 4 days.
So we now have a few minor improvements to make. In general however, the Classic Revival handled well, cornered nicely and stopped brilliantly. Having built the car ourselves - we're pretty chuffed that it went so well.

Below is a selection of photos from the Nationals. Some of these photos I took myself, others are courtesy of Tenrocca.