Choosing to build an AC Cobra Replica is not a simple decision.

Building a Cobra from scratch requires time (2-4 years it typical. 3 Months is possible), commitment and a serious budget (approx AUD$60,000). So we did a lot of planning and preparation.

The planning was neccessary to make sure we were both happy with the objective, and to be sure we'd considered all the options on the market. The time line for the project is currently something like this:

Jan 2003Decision to do it
Jan 2003Research begins
Dec 2004Ordered the chassis/body (kit) from Classic Revival
June 2005Chassis arrival
Dec 2005Source 2nd hand front and rear suspension
Feb-Jun 2006Recondition suspension and source brakes
Jul 2006Source of motor and gearbox
Aug 2006Motor Rebuilt, gearbox rebuilt, shifter relocated
Jan 2007Body moved from storage to the Cobra Laboratory
Feb 2007Body installation and inital body prep
Apr 2007Custom radiator purchased from PWR
June 2008First Engine Start
Oct 2008The First drive at Wakefield Park at the Nationals
Oct 2009More fun at the Nationals
Aug 2011after 2 years we decide to try for registration
Feb 2012Under Body quiet, compliant exhaust fitted
Sep 2012raise suspension, change seats, steering wheel. Fit dash padding
Feb 2013Engineering for road registration completed
Mar 2013Resolve 5 non compliant items
May 2013Kev gets road registration

During the research phase we visited most of the 8 or so Cobra replica manufacturers and we spoke to a dozen of the others that are scattered around Australia.
We met and talked to the NSW Cobra Car Club, and discovered the "clubcobra" online forum. We got a lot of conflicting information, and some that seemed consistent. We spoke to people who'd bought their Cobra's pre-built and others that had built their's from scratch.

We eliminated the Robnell fairly early based purely on budget. There is no doubt that the Robnell Cobra is a beautifully built and fast vehicle, but the pricing was more than we could afford.

A number of the other cobra models were based on older vehicle chassis' (like a Toyota crown for example), but we wanted a vehicle that was nicely balanced front to rear, and that would handle well and stop. In the end the Classic Revival Cobra was the best fit of price, performance, and handling, plus there seems to be a thriving community of Classic Revival builders out there that are only too happy to help and advise, and we've quickly discovered that this help - is priceless.